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Survival Education Hiraeth Institute

We boldly make our way into the mountains…. where the peace & ravaging beauty stirs our souls. What can we possibly do to rest at our ease here? Here where suddenly the clouds may boom in threatful & loud, here where we must survive the cold & then, at times, the sun does shine.

We can learn.

Learning essential Survival skills in a vast array of wilderness settings, can provide us, not only with confidence in exploring with abandon…. but also relaxation in knowing, that whatever happens, we’ll be allright.

Hiraeth INstitute offers Wilderness Survival courses

Learning how to safely use a blade, to carve pegs… to make a shelter, with the simplest kit, allows us to voyage afar, into the mists…ne’er to return…. well it’s nice to have the choice.

Hiraeth INstitute offers Wilderness Survival courses

We can learn to make fire with no lighter to hand, we can learn what we can forage for, what is edible & what is not.  & most of all, we can learn to discipline ourselves to be in the right frame of mind, to be able to thrive, in all weathers. This provides us with surefast certainty, that our treks will be fruitful, for us to find that golden treasure – all be it catching the sight of a Stag in the night, or hunting, with prayer & then cooking a rabbit, whilst giving thanks to the Spirit that gave up its life, to keep us going, that one more day.

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Living in harmony with this dear earth, is how we’ve managed to survive as a race, through the millennia. In only a tiny fraction of the minutest proportion of time, oh how the human race has strayed from the roots. Anxiety & stress are rife – trauma induced by modern day society, riddles the people of the world, who hurry & chase the word ‘success’ – when, really, what is that? 

Success, surely, can be that feeling, when one is laid back in a meadow, on some cushioned moss, reveling in the sun’s rays, whilst drinking honey mead, made the autumn before: with no hurries to dash off, just a freedom in the moment, to be able to truly appreciate the gentle peace of being, of breathing, of feeling the magical wonder we have all around us in nature: such wealth in knowing how to survive, come all weather, knowing that our foraging & harvest from the summer will tide us through & that there is time to love one another: that surely is true wealth & success.

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At Hiraeth Institute, we can offer you an Education in Outdoor Survival, with highly experienced Outdoor Survival Coaches covering many aspects of essential Survival knowledge, that will help you realistically be able to survive & prosper in the wilds, enjoyably in harmony with the Earth & safely in yourself – not with nature as your opposition to overcome & conquer by any means, just merely with your Spirit reveling in such union with ancient ways of being, with your feet treading lightly on the earth.

Such training can also encompass us conveying & sharing our knowledge for all to gain grounding & further understanding of:



Shamanic Dance,

Permaculture Design,



Also, we offer Healing on such courses, such as:

Chakra Rebalancing,

Auric Cleansing,

Shamanic Healing.

SAJMRM, 2019.

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