Therapy or Therapeutic?

Hiraeth Institute Ideology

The discernment between Therapy and Therapeutic is vital within Hiraeth systems of health, human and natural development. Where Therapy is being branded across many disciplines we think it poignant to define our terms.

Therapy is an intentional approach, conducted by trained professionals where the main goal is to work with an individual or group to achieve health and balance in our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, sensations, spirit and natural & cultural connection. It is the professional reaction to imbalance whereby the clear aim is to facilitate growth and potential above and beyond the vehicle of action that enables the transformation.

Therapeutic refers to an action that may have therapeutic outcomes but the main goal is to engage in an enriching activity. In this regard the therapeutic benefits are a very welcome secondary benefit of the intervention or programme.

The therapies listed amongst our ‘menu’ of therapies and resources are direct intentional approaches to address imbalance within individuals, families, communities, cultures and human-nature connection. They are conducted and case managed by professionals who have trained for many years in the specific approaches, are committed to continued professional development and maintain registered positions within national governing associations. The remaining resources can be largely regarded as therapeutic and are also supervised and case managed by registered health professionals. This provides a level of quality assurance and clinical excellence and ultimately protects the participant(s) with protocols from national codes of conduct to ensure professional acumen. On-going action-research protocols ensure that all interventions continue to build reflective practice that cyclically feed back into the ongoing work. This produces a ‘culture of enquiry’ within the whole organisation that ultimately builds the therapy intention for each therapy or resource.

Hiraeth Institute Ideology