Fostering and Adoption Charity

The Foster Care Surgeries have delivered above and beyond our expectations as an organisation. Personally, I have found them extremely beneficial as have the foster carers and supervising social workers. They are also providing me with grounds to approach the local authority in securing further support services.


‘The training was brilliant as always even when I have completed it before a number of times it really helps refreshing and going over things.’

Hiraeth Sensory Attachment Intervention Training Feedback

  • “Very interesting, gained loads of knowledge, enjoyed.”
  • “Very insightful & interesting.”
  • “A very interesting & useful training. I have learnt a lot from this training & feel I can use the training in my role.”
  • “Very informative, very insightful & something I can put to good use in my practice.”
  • “Informative, knowledgeable & very interesting, thoroughly explained & approachable.”
  • “Interesting & enjoyable, I learnt & thought of new things.”
  • “Very useful – not only when working with A, but also some of the other pupils we have in the school.”

Hiraeth Trauma Recovery Applications & Models Training Feedback

  • “Very useful, very informative. Set at the correct pace & levels, allowed us to discuss individuals & how to relate the info.”
  • “Very interesting. Appropriate time scale for each topic. Completing course has allowed me to help my young person even further, as the course has helped me understand his needs & what he may be feeling.”
  • “Very informative. Would help all in the company.”
  • “Training session was very informative & I highly recommend for all the new staff at Trafle Lodge.”
  • “Very interesting. It allowed myself to build on my knowledge & a greater understanding in how to support young people with complex needs.”
  • “Interesting. Very informative. Gives me more understanding of the challenging behaviours which are displayed by some of the children.”
  • “Very informative, interesting. Great insight in how I can improve & progress my teaching with my student.”
  • “Very helpful. Made me think different about how young people think.”
  • “Training was excellent. Was very clear & concise, explaining very well. It has also given me some more ideas about staff training, including doing some more on PACE.”
  • “A really great & insightful training session.”
  • “Really interesting & great to speak to an outsider to relate our theories & ways of managing different situations. Great to share practices with other staff too.”

Staff Training on working with young people displaying Sexually Harmful Behaviour

September 2018
RCW: “I felt the training was very useful in helping carers in residential to fully understand how the trauma of the past can impact on the sexual behaviours of young people. & also the discussion about the traffic lights was useful to understand our own beliefs & those of our co workers about what is seen as normal or harmful.”
SHB: “I found the course helpful with my job role & I have more understanding.”
RCW: “Very helpful, useful, information & resources, to put to practice within the home.”
Senior: “I found this training very interesting & helpful. Giving me some ideas on how to deal with young people in our care.”
RCW: “Very interesting. Able to link it up to help practice.”
RCW: “Helpful, more of an understanding of behaviours.”