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Research & Development

‘Hiraeth R & D’ is committed to providing Education, Therapy and Training Services that are Safe, Effective and Highly Accessible; services that Meet Local Needs, Continually Improve Outcomes and Add Multiple Layers of Value across those individuals and agencies involved in the lives of service users.

Hiraeth Institute excel in research & development to further the provision of beneficial Therapies

Hiraeth is dedicated to quality control and quality assurance of all of its services. Herein, Hiraeth is pioneering new methods in the field of practice-based research which draw upon action research techniques. This empowers a service level protocol which is continually evidence generating in order to continually improve practice and outcomes. These systems also allow Hiraeth practitioners to direct multi-agency approaches to human development as part of our committment to holistic strategies for human growth and well-being. Hiraeth is also a firm advocate of evidence-based practice: drawing upon previous research, meta-analyses and critical appraisal to inform bespoke service provision.

All our 150+ practitioners have a wealth of publications, presentations and workshop delivery creating literally thousands of grounded practice-based and evidence-based practice and research.


Martin Cope – CEO – Hiraeth Institute

Recent Publications

Conference Paper Presentation and Publication:

Cope, M. D., (2006). Introducing a New Method of Arts-Based Therapeutic Research: Narrative Phenomenological Analysis. In: Scoble, S. (ed.) European Arts Therapy: Grounding The Vision. Plymouth: University of Plymouth Press.

Conference Workshop and Paper Presentations:

Exeter September 2008 (Annual Conference of the British Association of Dramatherapists)

Workshop Delivery – “CITCAT: Circus and Integrative Arts within a Natural Playground of Safe Exploration”

Paper Presentation – “The Hiraeth Model of Dramatherapy: Fuelling Multiple Intelligence within the Natural Panacea.”

Conference Workshop Presentation and Publication:

Cope, M. D. (2009) ‘Circus In The Creative Arts Therapies: The CITCAT Approach’.  In: Scoble, S., Ross, M. & Lapoujade, C. (eds) Arts In Arts Therapies: A European Perspective. Plymouth, University of Plymouth Press.

Conference Paper Presentation and Publication:

Cope, M. D., 2011. Hiraeth Philosophy: Dual Consciousness – A Unifying Concept for Human Development. In: Scoble, S. (ed.) The Space Between: the potential for change. EuropeanConsortium for Arts Therapies Education: Selected Proceedings of the 10th European Arts Therapies Conference, London, September 2009. e-book, published by UPP (University of Plymouth Press) UK.


Hopkins, E., Cope, M. D. & Towler-Evans, I. The intentional use of synergies between Heathcote’s systems of learning and dramatherapy to address disengagement and encourage learning and development. The Journal for Drama in Education, Vol. 31, Issue 2, Summer 2015: The National Association for the Teaching of Drama.


Caroline Mulcahy, Conscious Erotica, 2017, including the prospective GCSE in Consciousness, introducing the economical concept of Hollistic Well-Being Hospitals & much spiritual, experiential poetry.

Caroline Mulcahy, Shamanic Elation, 2018. Poetry inspired by ongoing, active shamanic practice.