Primitive Living

Hiraeth INstitute offers Primitive Living Therapy

Hiraeth has some amazing experts on living with the land, guided by primitive living systems that are symbiotic with our 1000s of years evolution with the land and universal interplay. Our practitioners have lived for years self sufficiently, living in sustainable communities and learning and teaching in traditional elder-learner methods.

Inspired by Lynx Vilden: “Living Wild – We aim to “live” in the wilderness, rather than “survive” it to get back to civilization,”, our Hiraeth Primitive Living immersion programmes take us across the UK and across the globe.

Primitive Living Day Experiences are an accessible way for participants to test all aspects of ancient wisdom on living with the land from preparing and wearing primitive skins, eating off the land and setting camps that flow with the land.

Primitive Living Immersion Retreats are not for everyone: they involve deep immersion with the natural world; preparing and fashioning skins; eating, sleeping and breathing within the natural world; being hungry when days do not provide; celebrating when days are abundant; connecting throughout with the earth and animal spirits to guide ‘living within the natural and spirit world’: as our ancestors evolved, encompassed, assimilated, laid down in laws, exonerated, taught, felt and ritualised.


Hiraeth INstitute offers Primitive Living courses