Occupational Therapy

Health and Care Professions Council registered.

OT’s work with those with disabilities to enable them to maximise their skills and abilities, ie to develop meaningful occupations.

Hiraeth Institute offers Occupational Therapy

Case Cameo

‘John (20) had a serious head injury after a car crash. He was unconscious at the scene of the accident and for 4 weeks afterwards. 2 years after the accident John was able to walk and talk again but he had memory and other cognitive losses. After the accident his memory and organisational skills were affected. Conflicts with his friends and family escalated as his tolerance of noise and other people’s needs deteriorated. He lost his job as a Car Mechanic because he was slow, forgetful and often lost his temper. He became depressed, violent, put on weight and developed a low self image.

His Occupational Therapy goals were: To get back to work; Live independently of his parents; Improve his social life and; Drive a car again. The OT recommended a 12 month intensive Rehabilitation Programme at a Residential Brain Injury Centre. .

John gained insight into his condition, developed anger management skills, improved his skills on the Computer and learnt to prepare simple meals. The “Neuropager” watch system helped him remember appointments.

The OT found John a flat in the town centre near a bus route. He has a support worker visiting every day, for 2 hours. The OT helped him get a part time job in a local Gardening Project. He looks after the maintenance of 5 sit-on mowers, 3 vans and all the tools. He is closely supervised and follows check lists. The OT introduced him to the local Headway House where he enjoys playing pool, uses the computer and has started dating one of the members. His temper tantrums have reduced now. He gets on better with his family. His problems are not over but he has achieved three out of four of his original goals within 18 months. Because he is easily distracted it was not considered safe for him to drive again. John lives semi -independently and is now ready to set new goals.’

Hiraeth INstitute offers Occupational Therapy