Environmental Arts Therapy

We are of this earth. When we make, with our hands, art of this earth, with twigs we found, on a meandering womble through the trees, we find pieces of ourselves we lost in those grotty streets.

Immersion in ourselves, strengthens our Souls’ blueprints…. olde memories of who we were before, come back to us, enliven us, fulfill us with simple joys. Oh the joy of making a basket with Willow cut from that dear river. There is no greater peace & relief, than the wondrous elation of healing creation, in nature, feeling the breeze, we drop to our knees.

Olde ways, ancient groves are calling. There’s that Oak, I saw it before, it spoke, I’m sure I can make a cup with those leaves, such inspiration is fulfilling me.

Shells, shells, on the beach, such jewels & gems they are to me. How I sparkle with delight, when with my hands I craft the light.