Combined Therapies Packages

Combined Therapies Hiraeth InstituteSometimes, we’ve been through so much, we need a wholesome variety of earthy treats to make us feel better…. “the drugs don’t work, they just make it worse & I know I’ll see your face again….”

Returning to Ancient ways of Traditional Healing, simple, conscious living, wholesome food, Ecstatic Dance, combined with Expressive Arts & Spiritual Education in how to: discipline the mind, recover from trauma, rebalance ourselves & fall in love with ourselves & the earth; brings wonderful grounding to those seeking for more: seeking for sanctuary within: seeking for peace & fruition in our one true combined dream: that we may keep our dear earth safe & restore this wonderful planet.

Combined Therapies Hiraeth Institute

So, we look within & we find naturally, the aspects of ourselves that we need to heal & we flow fluidly the cathartic releases, in safe, sacred space. & we stumble, with such synchronicity, on the knowledge which will help us on our paths to becoming ever more whole, so we may be more dynamic & effective at working together to bring healthy, wild ecosystems all around us.

Combined Therapies Hiraeth Institute

At Hiraeth Institute, we intuitively craft Combined Therapies Packages, to suit individuals & groups of clients, with the Ceremonial Intent of healing, educating & inspiring positive momentum, for us to make a positive impact on this planet.

Immersion in the wilderness is such dear Healing in itself, this combined with supportive Therapies, can make the most wonderful experiences. & at the same time, useful Bushcraft skills can be acquired & applied, enabling us to be more at ease & at one with relaxing in the wilds, more & more free: we’re talking going way back, before the Neolithic: going back to the Mesolithic ways of being, when man was just an aspect of the wilds.

SAJMRM, 2019.

Hiraeth Institute offers Combined Therapies Packages