Being immersed in nature can bring us many exciting challenges, of how we’re going to: eat, make fire, work, celebrate, make shelter & sleep in the process. So there’s a lot of really interesting things to learn!

Bushcraft Hiraeth

At Hiraeth Institute, we have always been fascinated by the wonders of the natural world…. from finding rare herbs, to foraging for mushrooms, to experiencing the most ultimate bliss, laying in a meadow, listening to the sweet birds’ song: there’s a whole different pace of life in the countryside & a big aspect of learning Bushcraft, is learning to attune to the gentle (& sometimes furious) rhythms of nature, so we may be fluidly part of the landscape – not only seperated observers. This thought encaptures the ideology of how we used to experience life on the planet: as one whole living, collective organism, all flourishing together in harmony. With this understanding: we learn not to take too much from our surroundings, just to gently request that which we need & fluidly find it & also: to give back to the earth…. so more may grow & blossom for when we return on our path.

SAJMRM, 2019.

Foraging for Mushrooms Hiraeth Institute