Beach Teach

From ancient times, we have gone to the Sea, to restore our full strength, to commune with the Sea, to rest our weary souls & to rejuvenate, with the fresh Sea Air, to grow full in ourselves: such is the peace & invigoration of being by the Sea.

We can meet, by the Sea &: practice Mindfulness & Meditation, swim, surf, bodyboard, experience Shamanic Healing, do some Creative Arts, to express & release pent up feelings, we can run along the beach & splash in the water & we can make a fire, cook food & play music, watching the sun go down & camp out. We don’t need to be too scheduled about it, let’s just freeflow, like the waves!

The beach is always an education: from collecting washed up pieces of wood & creating sculptures with them, to making necklaces with shells we find: there’re so many fun things to do.

Beach Teach can be part of our Combined Therapies Packages, working alongside Forest School, Bushcraft & Hollistic Therapies.