Ancient Revival

Hopi Prophecy

We gather ourselves, we heal, we grow, we express in safe, sacred space. We let go, we grasp hold of our dreams, we find our true passion is always stirred by the simplest joys at the wonders of this planet.

Feather Hiraeth Institute

All is grounded, all is growing towards us flowing in ever more earthed ways of living on this earth, our home.

The Warriors of the Rainbow

Taking sanctuary in ourselves, we learn to grow & flourish from within. With true peace in our souls, we may go on to strive for more conscious lifestyles, in harmony with all around us.

Warriors of the Rainbow Hiraeth Institute

Healing the self, within, is a huge aspect of our growth into becoming more effective Warriors of the Rainbow. With ourselves replenished & restored within, we are stronger to join together in our fight to bring ecological bio-diversity & flourishing harmony: equilibrium on earth.

Hiraeth Institute offers Ancient Revival

There are many ancient principles of living in harmony with both Spirit & the Physical. At Hiraeth, we honour ancient traditions, as the most crucial anchor to the work, in guiding us to steer the path back to the rooted ways of earth celebration, through embracing Permacultural living principles, Bushcraft & Shamanic knowledge.

SAJMRM, 2019. Sophia came up with the name Ancient Revival, in 2017.

Warriors of the Rainbow Hiraeth Institute