“Hiraeth (pronounced ‘hirr-eye-th’) was established in 2007 and is an ever growing association of professional practitioners offering bespoke ‘needs-based’ health, human development and human-nature initiatives and training for the public, independent, statutory and corporate and 3rd sectors across the UK and around the world.
Hiraeth’s heart lies in Wales: the homeland and residence of Hiraeth’s Founder and Managing Director and Creative / Artistic Director: a friendship of love, light and togetherness.
The company gets its name from a feeling term in the Welsh Language with no literal English translation; Hiraeth is a longing, yearning or calling to journey home to a place of belonging or wholeness. The feeling stimulates connection to self, others, relationships and the environment.
Hiraeth’s 54 acre woodland site high in the mountains of rural Mid Wales symbolizes the mission: to fuel human development whilst promoting ecological diversity. Whenever it is possible and appropriate to do so Hiraeth uses The Arts, Ancient Revival (as termed by Sophia) and the Natural Environment to act as vehicles for human development; offering creative and natural solutions to complex personal, social and cultural difficulties and division.” as written by Martin Cope under his prior lead. PLease see The Homepage for current developments.


Hiraeth is a lovely mission, consisting of intuitively linked collaborations of Professionals who are brought together to work successfully, as teams who live by working in solidarity, congruence & trust, as aspects of area specific packages which provide; Assessments, Therapies, Support, Staff Training & Case Management provisions, to bring about effective change & respect for Nature & HMQE2 Approved Qualifications in the process.

Hiraeth is a research & development therapy institution, Spiritually Founded & launched Nationwide in The U.K. as ‘Hiraeth Institute’ in February 2017 by SAJMRM. The whole Ideology of Hiraeth is to provide: Assessments, Therapies, Support, Staff Training & Case Management, to assist HMQE2’s Property & Divine people who & which have been going through troubled times & to also support & train up the associated carers & caretakers, so that HMQE2’s Property & Divine people are restored & become empowered within their capacity under The Divine Order of HMQE2. This is so that the said can lead fulfilling lives & also so that the carers & caretakers (all being it that they are seen as capable enough of continuing to work in their field – bearing in mind the horrific abuse so many of HMQE2’s Property & Divine people have had to endure under ineffective management & so-called ‘care’ & ‘caretaker’ staff’s ‘treatment’, for so many years. The situation is being addressed. We insist that appropriate Staff, after having been successfully put forward, after the appropriate, case specific Assessments have been carried out by HMQE2’s (area specific relevant) Approved Spiritual Technicians – at attemptive ‘Staff’s’ expense, can then – at their own cost, go on to train (& then if they do indeed pass after such training) be supported then – at their cost, (& reassessed each year – at their own cost.) We insist that appropriate Staff, are upto the correct standards, all of the time, in order to ensure HMQE2’s standards are met forever.) to learn how to be more informed in their approach to their work. Sophia’s Shamanic focus, creates a caring & earthed atmosphere, so Hiraeth Institute can be there to support selective clienteles’ recoveries & development, whilst case managing ongoing work for the relevant Associates responsible for each unique & individual case load of work being carried out in their charge. There is a very selective process, regarding whom Hiraeth Institute will consider partnering with & taking on board as Associates, in order to carry out such work, for good reason.

SAJMRM. 28/10/2018


About the Founder of Hiraeth Services Ltd. (Est. 2007) and CEO

Martin D. Cope MA Registered Dramatherapist, PgDip, BA(Hons), DipCoun

Founder and Managing / Clinical Director: Hiraeth Institute – www.hiraethinstitute.co.uk (2007-date).

Vice Chair (2012-2013) & Executive Board Member (2011-2012) Welsh Therapies Advisory Committee (WTAC) – Statutory Advisory Group to the Welsh Government.

Specialist Arts Therapies Advisor to WTAC (2006-2013): representing the All Wales Network Committee for Arts Therapies Professions (now the Wales Arts Therapies Advisory Forum).

Representative for Wales: British Association of Dramatherapists (2006-2011).

MA Registered Dramatherapist (2003-date).

Regular Facilitator: European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE).

Tir Coed Woodland Charity: Powys Coordinator, Elan Links Volunteer and Training Coordinator, Llanidloes VINE Project Officer.

Lecturer for Post-Graduate Studies

Author of a number of Scientific Articles and Chapters

Performing Arts Practitioner

Forest Schools Level 3 Practitioner



Martin lives a happy & sustainable lifestyle with his friend Caroline, in the Welsh Wilderness.



Recent Publications

Conference Paper Presentation and Publication:

Cope, M. D., (2006). Introducing a New Method of Arts-Based Therapeutic Research: Narrative Phenomenological Analysis. In: Scoble, S. (ed.) European Arts Therapy: Grounding The Vision. Plymouth: University of Plymouth Press.

Conference Workshop and Paper Presentations:

Exeter September 2008 (Annual Conference of the British Association of Dramatherapists)

Workshop Delivery – “CITCAT: Circus and Integrative Arts within a Natural Playground of Safe Exploration”

Paper Presentation – “The Hiraeth Model of Dramatherapy: Fuelling Multiple Intelligence within the Natural Panacea.”

Conference Workshop Presentation and Publication:

Cope, M. D. (2009) ‘Circus In The Creative Arts Therapies: The CITCAT Approach’.  In: Scoble, S., Ross, M. & Lapoujade, C. (eds) Arts In Arts Therapies: A European Perspective. Plymouth, University of Plymouth Press.

Conference Paper Presentation and Publication:

Cope, M. D., 2011. Hiraeth Philosophy: Dual Consciousness – A Unifying Concept for Human Development. In: Scoble, S. (ed.) The Space Between: the potential for change. EuropeanConsortium for Arts Therapies Education: Selected Proceedings of the 10th European Arts Therapies Conference, London, September 2009. e-book, published by UPP (University of Plymouth Press) UK.


Hopkins, E., Cope, M. D. & Towler-Evans, I. The intentional use of synergies between Heathcote’s systems of learning and dramatherapy to address disengagement and encourage learning and development. The Journal for Drama in Education, Vol. 31, Issue 2, Summer 2015: The National Association for the Teaching of Drama.