Divine Restoration.

….Spiritual Education for those having Spiritual Awakenings….

There is a drastic need, in the current climate, for Spiritual Evolution & Healing to occur, en masse, for us to join together in peace, in enabling & facilitating – through our own independent intitiatives – the growth of momentum, for us to strive for Ecological Recovery for this Earth, on a global scale.

Each choice we make amounts to the path we create: Conscious living, conscious stakes.

As we nurture positive strategies to return to simple & wholesome ways of life, in harmony with the earth, we find replenished well-being within. We take strength from many small, resourceful steps amounting to great, positive global change.

*Think Global, Act Local*

Jungle Restoration

 Healing – Therapies – Psychology

Training – Supervision – Consultancy –

Global Ancient Revival

Creative Director – Ms. Sophia Alexandra Juliet Mitchell Roe Mulcahy (a name given to me by someone dear to me, (which honours my Ancestral & Spiritual lineage). (previously called Miss Caroline Gemma Mulcahy)

Sophia Hiraeth Institute

Sophia, Dec, 2018.

  • UK-wide Healing & Therapy Provider, Training Institute & Global Ancient Revival Network.
  • Specialist Therapeutic Interventions for those suffering attachment and trauma issues and ill-health.
  • Hiraeth has partnered with a range of organisations such as: Local Authorities; County Councils; Government Agencies; Universities; Residential Homes for Looked After Children, Adults and the Elderly and; the 3rd Sector.
  • A growing number of Healers & Therapists, Instructors & Creative Professionals.
  • Distinct specialism within Shamanic Practice, Hollistic Therapies, Spiritual Healing, Ecopsychology, Wilderness Therapies & Bushcraft.

Tribal Rejuvenation

Please see our list of Therapies and Resources to see how we can provide bespoke services for you & your group.

One of our most vital priorities currently is to safeguard The Elders of our society & reterm all their residences, in principle, which they have worked so very hard to afford, at their expense “Elder Sanctuaries.” – not ‘old peoples’ homes – so disrespectful to our Elder Teachers we should be respecting, listening to & honouring greatly.

Another priority is to provide HM Forces with the right Healing & Therapies, to assist Veterans in making full recoveries from PTSD (in Shamanic Practice terms: Soul Loss, in Psychology terms: Soul Fragmentation.)

We are also very interested in looking at furthering provision of services, to extend into transforming the psychiatric model, (via ongoing strategic initiatives), Staff Training & Therapies, so the old model can progress to update & take on the Hollistic Approach: an economical & empathic solution: step by step.

Of course, as founded, we love to safeguard the hard to reach young people of today & work to promote their Healing journeys.


Health, Social & Environmental Welfare,

Healing, Therapy, Psychology,

Training, Consultancy, Team Development

‘People and Environment’ Initiatives,

Global Ancient Revival.

‘Hiraeth’ translates from Cymraeg as ‘The Wonderful feeling of returning home to The Glorious Welsh Hills.”

Transforming Healthcare Systems is The Directive of Hiraeth Institute.

Hiraeth Institute offers wilderness breaks

Therapy or Therapeutic?

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