Divine Restoration.


Sophia wrote an album in 2007, called Hiraeth (as Templetree Live (Great Oak Records, Est. 2007 – her Record Label) (Templetree |Live is her Artist name (Copyrighted.), since she began performing out Live in 1993.) Please feel free to visit Templetree Live , another of her website creations. Hiraeth was therefore founded Spiritually then by her, in devotional music, to celebrate The Glory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2, as an aspect of Sophia’s work as Royal Therapy, by Carolina Mulcahy – Sophia’s Designer name. Sophia has more recently (in early 2017) come up with Ancient Revival, a movement to restore ancient ways & knowledge to HMQE2’s property & Divine people. The Great Oak Records Official Website is currently being constructed, just is up & running, as a basic start. Sophia would love an extremely effective, trustworthy team to work with.

Wise owl... Hiraeth Services offrers a huge assortment of therapies in the community

Psychology – Social Psychiatry – Therapies 

Training – Supervision – Consultancy –

Global Ancient Revival

Creative Director – Ms. Sophia Alexandra Juliet Mitchell Roe Mulcahy. (previously called ‘Caroline Gemma Mulcahy’, until she finally managed to change her name by Deed Poll, on 28/10/2018, after a long & excruciatingly hideous battle, to free herself from entrapment & at the same time continue to fight to support The Monarchy.) Sophia always has been, is & always shall be: property of HMQE2. URGENT INFORMATION PLEASE READ ALL CONCERNED WITH HIRAETH INSTITUTE, IMMEDIATELY!

Staff: Admin required. Sophia currently has no contact details for the lady which she insisted would be grabbed immediately to provide further Freelance services to the company. The situation is in discussion.

Staff: CEO – Martin D. Cope (currently indisposed.) (Martin Cope requested for The Director to term him CEO instead of his prior role’s name, so Sophia did.)

  • UK-wide Psychology, Social Psychiatry and Therapy Provider and Training Institute & Global Ancient Revival Network.
  • Specialist therapeutic interventions for those suffering attachment and trauma issues and mental ill-health.
  • Hiraeth partners with a range of organisations such as: Local Authorities; County Councils; Government Agencies; Universities; Residential Homes for Looked After Children, Adults and the Elderly and; the 3rd Sector.
  • Over 150 registered health professionals across psychology, ecopsychology, social psychiatry and therapy.
  • Distinct specialism within the Registered Creative Arts Therapies, Ecopsychology & Holistic Therapies.

Please see our list of Therapies and Resources to see how we can provide bespoke services for you & your group.” written by Martin Cope previously.

As ammended now, one of our most vital priorities currently, is to safeguard The Elders & reterm all their residences, which they have worked so very hard to afford, at their expense “Elder Sanctuaries.” – as termed by Sophia (SAJMRM). We insist on the appropriate, highly respectful treatment, appreciation & admiration towards HMQE2’s Divine Elders being provided, as they so deserve, with immediate effect.

Hiraeth Institute Therapies

Health, Social & Environmental Welfare,

Therapy, Psychology, Social Psychiatry

Training, Consultancy, Team Development

‘People and Environment’ Initiatives,

Global Ancient Revival.


Caroline Mulcahy Creative Director Hiraeth Institute. Founder of Royal Therapy Est. 2000

“‘Hiraeth’ is a wonderful Welsh feelings word with no literal English translation. Herein Hiraeth is defined as “a longing or yearning to return home to a place of connectedness.” Once activated, the feeling of Hiraeth can drive personal and social development. Compare also ‘Physes’ (Greek).” – written by Martin Cope, under his prior lead, until the company was Spiritually Founded in February 2017 by SAJMRM. Since the advent of Sophia’s Directorship, ‘Hiraeth’ has taken on it’s literal & truthful meaning – which translates correctly from Cymraeg as ‘The Wonderful feeling of returning home to The Glorious Welsh Hills.”

Tranforming Healthcare Systems is The Directive of Hiraeth Institute, absolutely Spiritually Founded by Sophia, in providing HMQE2 Approved Hollistic Healthcare Treatments, working alongside highly trained teams of HMQE2 Approved Therapeutic Professionals, backed up, only in times of immediate necessity, by the Clinical Intervention of HMQE2 Approved Doctors, who very much Honour The Code of Caduceus signed. This motion has been created by Sophia, in order to save The Queen’s NHS.

HMQE2 is the only Spiritual Leader in The World, who has the ordained right, experience, Spiritual knowledge, intelligence, intellect & capacity to be able to Command U.K. & The Commonwealth successfully & extremely efficiently.

‘parler mentir’ translates as ‘to speak lies’ in French.

Hiraeth Institute offers wilderness breaks

Therapy or Therapeutic?

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As Commanded by HMQE2’s Absolute Diving Ruling: Reincarnationally Affirmed: Worship, Devotion, Respect, Freedom, Love, Trust, Truth, Good Health, Happiness, Discipline, Focus, Wealth, Aptitude, Intelligence, Good Measure, Enjoyment, Eloquence, Creativity, Inheritance, Assets, Intellectual Property Rights, Royalties, Property, Staff, Birth Rights, Powers, Skills, Abilities, Titles, Ranks, Permissions, Authorities, Duties, Tasks, Gifts, Training, Education, Knowledge, Ancestral Guidance, Responsiblities & Priveleges, Sensitivity, Feeling, Emotion, Success Forevermore, in Good Will, being Restored, as deemed fit & appropriate, to the accordingly appropriate parties concerned, is advised by Sophia, with a huge amount of respect, appreciation & admiration (SAJMRM).

SAJMRM 28/10/2018