Wise owl... Hiraeth Services offrers a huge assortment of therapies in the community

Psychology – Social Psychiatry – Therapies 

Training – Supervision – Consultancy –

Global Ancient Revival


Managing Director – Martin D. Cope

Creative Director – Caroline G. Mulcahy

  • UK-wide Psychology, Social Psychiatry and Therapy Provider and Training Institute & Global Ancient Revival Network.
  • Specialist therapeutic interventions for those suffering attachment and trauma issues and mental ill-health.
  • Hiraeth partners with a range of organisations such as: Local Authorities; County Councils; Government Agencies; Universities; Residential Homes for Looked After Children, Adults and the Elderly and; the 3rd Sector.
  • Over 150 registered health professionals across psychology, ecopsychology, social psychiatry and therapy.
  • Distinct specialism within the Registered Creative Arts Therapies, Ecopsychology & Hollistic Therapies.

Please see our list of Therapies and Resources to see how we can provide bespoke services for you & your group.

Hiraeth Institute Therapies

Health, Social & Environmental Welfare,

Therapy, Psychology, Social Psychiatry

Training, Consultancy, Team Development

‘People and Environment’ Initiatives,

Global Ancient Revival.


Hiraeth Institute offers envirnomental arts therapies

‘Hiraeth’ is a wonderful Welsh feelings word with no literal English translation. Herein Hiraeth is defined as “a longing or yearning to return home to a place of connectedness.” Once activated, the feeling of Hiraeth can drive personal and social development. Compare also ‘Physes’ (Greek).

Hiraeth Institute offers wilderness breaks

Therapy or Therapeutic?